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    BIM/PLM Software System Development

    Demonstration product: BIM software system

    Product info: manage the whole lift cycle of AEC industry from design, purchase, construction and operation & maintenance in term of man, material and machine. The complete system adopts light weight WEB BIM model as the core, to expand each model application.

    Project composition: design management, WEBGL light weight, Revit integration, Microstation integration, Navisworks integration, system integration, project management, quality management , change management, risk management, safety management, acceptance management, RFI management, file management

    Technology Highlights

    • Pre-configured 3D data import interface, auto & semi-auto data conversion process

    • Light weight data based on WebGL, with light weight rate reaching 1:10

    • Keep 3D

      model completeness;

      auto import feature,structure, category data to Web & link with model

    • The converted data can be used constantly

    PLM Software System

    Demonstration product: PLM software system

    Product info: Aras PLM provide enterprise level open authorized product life cycle management solution (PLM). Open authorized mode saves the enterprise with upfront investment cost, plus outstanding technical innovation capability, Aras product is a PLM software suited for enterprises with complex products and processes. Aras Innovator is the Partner for Microsoft in PLM region. It is the CMII4 level open authorized enterprise level PLM product.

    Project composition: 1. Demand management 2. Product planning management 3. Configuration management 4. MCAD integration 5. ECAD integration 6. System integration 7. Component management 8. BOM management 9. Change management 10. Archiving management 11. Quality management 12. Compliance management 13. Manufacture process management 14. Aftersales management

    Technology Highlights

    •  Microsoft SOA technical architecture is adopted with high flexibility setting capability

    • Open authorized 

      PLM system, without

      any restriction on

      user quantity;

    • Enterprise

      with high implem-

      entation autonomy

      and low threshold, to



      risk and cost;

    • Adopt most

      popular open

      source community

      to provide open

      APP downloading;

    • Complete

      technical support

      network to meet

      enterprise demand

      with localized

      service channel;

    • Rich and

      diversified  domestic


      successful experience

      to tailor-made required service; 

    • Introduce all

      kinds of action

      platform technology,

      in line with current

      industry information

      action trend; 

    • Natural B/S system architecture, non-C/S frame revised PLM system.

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